The next time you take your dog for his morning walk, be aware: as you walk down the street, even if you only notice a few meaningful objects in the visual scene, your brain still perceives what’s in the background. According to a recent UA study, the brain processes and understands visual input that we may never consciously perceive.

For the last six years, University Distinguished Professor of Astronomy Chris Impey has traveled once a year to India to teach Tibetan monks. Impey, along with other experts from around the world, shares discoveries in astronomy and cosmology, mathematics, developmental biology, evolutionary biology, and physics. 

"Because of their monastic training, the monks love the deepest discussions about science and technology and the universe," Impey says. "They ask the most profound questions."

No. 1

Bests and First-Evers

The Arizona men’s basketball team, ranked No. 1 for eight consecutive weeks during the 2014 season, has stolen the hearts of Wildcat fans across the country. Off the court, the UA has plenty of other No. 1 distinctions, bests, and first-evers. From leading a mission to Mars to saving lives with a total artificial heart, there’s a long list of reasons why it’s great to be a Wildcat.

No. 1

Entrepreneurs in the Making

The UA’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship was named Innovator of the Year in academia at the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation, the Arizona Technology Council’s annual awards gala in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority. The celebration honors technology leaders and innovators from across Arizona.

When Spring Fling left campus 15 years ago, things just changed. Oh sure, the rides kept spinning and the cotton candy tasted the same, but to the generations of Wildcats who came of age during its golden era, the experience just wasn’t the same. Now Spring Fling is back on campus for its 40th anniversary. All UA alumni and friends are invited to celebrate as a cherished tradition returns home. With family-friendly events and the same great atmosphere as years past, there are more reasons than ever to attend — but we’ll start with these five. 

A hot dog is wrapped in bacon, cooked on a grill, topped with beans, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise, mustard, and jalapeño sauce, and served in a Mexican bolillo roll. 

If you have spent any time in Tucson you know that we just described a Sonoran hot dog.

Started in Hermosillo, the capital city of Sonora, Mexico, the Sonoran hot dog enjoys a popularity in Tucson unmatched anywhere else in the United States. It’s estimated that more than 200 hot dog stands are spread across the city.

Founded in 2010, the Wildcat Pride Club is now poised to become one of the UA Alumni Association’s most active groups.

Under the leadership of the club’s president, David Martinez III ’09, the PrideCats are working to engage supporters of LGBT scholarships and programs as well as research conducted by LGBT scholars and on issues addressing the LGBT community.

Walter St. John ’51 ’54 has published Solace (Bull Publishing Company). Solace provides insight into the process of communicating with people who are chronically ill, those limited in mobility, and those confined to a house or care facility and in need of daily help and continuous care. The methods in Solace were developed through extensive research with patients and caregivers.


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