UA entomologist Justin Schmidt created the Schmidt Sting Pain Index after years of trying to get stung by nearly every fearsome insect on the planet. He details the results in his book “The Sting of the Wild.”

Picture yourself hitchhiking on a history-making, seven-year space mission. 

You departed on Sept. 8, 2016. Your vehicle, called OSIRIS-REx, has solar panels for electricity. On your trip, you can share photos taken with the world’s finest set of space cameras, all made at the UA.

University of Arizona departments and programs are hosting events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which included the destruction of the USS Arizona, the American battleship to which the UA has close ties.

Dec. 7, 2016, marks the anniversary of “a date which will live in infamy,” in the words of then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The attack eventually propelled the United States into World War II.

The world was watching — and rather intently — a year ago after a black-chinned hummingbird laid two eggs in a small nest she had built on the fifth floor of the ENR2 building on the south side of campus.

Nature lovers from around the world couldn’t get enough of the nest, on which a video camera was trained, recording every movement of the mother and her two babies. A shadowbox now marks the spot.


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