Student Scholar: Vince Redhouse

Jaynelle Ramon, Jacob Chinn photo

Fulbright award winner Vince Redhouse ’15, a member of the Navajo Nation and American Indian Alumni Club scholarship recipient, was a nontraditional student. He transferred to UA from Pima Community College, which provided him with the wisdom to mentor other students.

“One of the best experiences I had was the opportunity to work with students in Native American Student Affairs, African-American Student Affairs, and all the other cultural and resource centers,” he says. “What was special about those experiences was that these students trusted me to help them with their problems and issues.”

He also welcomed mentorship and support through his scholarship from the American Indian Alumni Club. “The scholarship not only helped me get through school financially, but one of the best parts was the mentorship. Just having someone there to talk to and rely on over the years has been incredibly helpful,” he says. “They are always giving us opportunities, showing us how to do things, giving us that helping hand. The entire community has been really supportive. “

This summer Redhouse will move to Australia to put his degree in philosophy, politics, economics, and law (PPEL) to work. “I received a two-year Fulbright Award from the U.S. State Department, and I’ll be pursuing a master’s in philosophy at the Australian National University in Canberra,” he says. “Once I complete that I will likely apply to Ph.D. programs in philosophy or come back here and work in local politics.”