UAAA chapters and clubs award $1 million in scholarships to 450 students each year.

The UA Alumni Association awards academic scholarships to students through its chapters and clubs program and with the charitable support of donors, friends and the Arizona community.

All UAAA scholarships are available via Scholarship Universe.

Scholarship Universe is an advanced scholarship management system for UA students and departments. It matches Wildcats to thousands of UA and non-UA opportunities and UA scholarship applications are fast-tracked. 

UAAA scholarships currently available on Scholarship Universe:


  • Albuquerque ZiaCats
  • Boston BeantownCats
  • Denver ColoradoCats
  • Los Angeles SoCalCats
  • Phoenix ZonaCats
  • Sacramento SactownCats
  • San Diego BeachCats
  • San Francisco BayCats
  • Seattle SeaCats
  • Sierra Vista HuachuCats
  • Phoenix EastValleyCats
  • Phoenix EastValleyCats UA North Valley
  • Tucson CactusCats
  • Chicago WindyCityCats
  • Robert S. Svob Scholarship (Tucson)
  • Clarence L. Ashcraft Scholarship (Tucson)

Multicultural Clubs:

  • American Indian Club
  • Asian American Faculty, Staff and Alumni Club
  • Black Alumni Club
  • Phoenix Black Alumni Club
  • Hispanic Alumni Club (Freshman and Transfer)

Questions? Contact our scholarship team at or 520-621-1635