Adina '11 and Jari '11

It was the second day of my freshman year of college when I met Jari. It was the first day of a Tuesday/Thursday course in a gen ed psychology course with Mrs. Delaney. Jari sat one seat away from me and he saw my screensaver of my then boyfriend and I. He knew him from playing hockey as kids in Phoenix where we grew up. It was nice to have something in common when I didn't know anyone else at school yet. 

We became fast friends and I hung out with Jari and his then girlfriend on campus. We had a lot in common and I felt very comfortable telling him anything. Our relationship became a great friendship that we still have today, almost seven years later. 

We both graduated from the University of Arizona with undergraduate degrees and decided to move to Hawaii together for graduate school. We both finished our programs and are now working on the island of Oahu. We love supporting the Wildcats every day and visiting Tucson as much as possible. It's highly possible that I wouldn't have met the love of my life if I hadn't made one of the greatest decisions I've ever made, becoming a Wildcat. We are so grateful for U of A and the Tucson community for giving us the greatest four years of our lives.

We are Wildcats for life and will forever and always BEAR DOWN!

- Adina Bambur '11