Angela '98 and Jose Luis '99

Lui and I met while working at the University of Arizona Rec Center in the weight room. I was a sophomore and Lui was an "old" freshman; a retired Marine. 

I really did not like working with this "football/Marine" guy. It seemed like I always had to work with him though. Our kids think it is so funny that mommy did not like daddy at first.  

The more time I spent with him the more I began to like his sense of humor and craziness, and eventually we became best friends. While sitting in the student section at a U of A football game I pointed out a football player that I thought was cute to my friend. She thought it was so funny. I had picked out Lui without realizing it was him. 

We dated throughout our time at U of A and then while I was getting my doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. We were married in June of 2002 on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe at Edgewood. It was a wonderful weeklong celebration with friends and family. 

 We now live in Phoenix and have four little future Wildcats. Bear Down!

Angela M. F. Campos '98