Daniel '66 and Carol '70

In 1968 I was teaching Shotokan Karate for the U of A Karate Club and we were in the old women's gym when this beautiful young girl approached me during a break and asked if women could join. I turned, looked her in he eyes and fell hopelessly in love.

I followed her during the break to see where she went but lost her in the crowd. (I was wearing a gi and barefoot.)

I couldn't get her out of my mind and was ecstatic when she showed up for the next practice ready to begin. She was a drama major and had been accepted in the Pasadena playhouse and wanted to be able to protect herself. (She was 5-2, 105).

We were married five months later in her home town of Flagstaff and celebrated our 44th anniversary this past year. I retired from both the Army and as a teacher/coach at Buena High School. Carol retired as an 8th grade science teacher.

- Daniel Southard '66