Danielle '97 and Justin '95

I was first "introduced" to my future wife at a UA men's basketball game sometime in the spring semester of 1992. 

I was in the UA pep band and just before tip-off of a home game, a friend of mine in the band elbowed me and said "That's the pomline coach's daughter. She'll be a freshman on the line next year..." while pointing her out as she walked to her seat several rows down from us in McKale Center. Not really looking up from my music folder, my reply was a terse "Hmm. So what are we playing next?" 

Fast-forward to the fall semester of 1994 and after a year away from the band programs to focus on classes for my major, I rejoined the Pride of Arizona for my senior year. I was then "re-introduced" to the pomline coach's daughter (now a sophomore at UA and the captain of the pomline) during an August marching band mixer at the rec center. 

She recalled me from my prior years in the pep band. Three months later we began dating. Sometime after that, Danielle confessed to noticing me when she had attended the basketball games as a high school senior and observing "that clarinet player's pretty cute," to include the time my friend had pointed her out and I'd really paid no attention. 

Full disclosure - I told her about that story when we were initially dating that year yet she remains my awesome wife of 16 years to this day. The band geek gets the beauty! We and our two beautiful children are still regulars at McKale Center for all the basketball games.  I love you, D! 


- Justin Carroll '95