Elissa '99 and Bryan '99

Bryan and I knew each other going to U of A. We had friends in common and hung out with our mutual friends from time to time. I thought he was very cute and even had a bit of a crush on him. But nothing ever happened :( because he had a girlfriend.

We graduated and both moved back to L.A. We would see each other from time to time but still nothing ever happened. :(

We moved on and I actually ended up getting married to someone else. I ran into Bryan while I was married and we always looked forward to catching up. We always had a great connection, I guess our timing was always off.

About 10 years later, I separated from my husband. One night I went with my best friend Robbie who also went to U of A to a party... I saw Bryan there with a beautiful blonde. I automatically thought this was his girlfriend. Turns out this beautiful blonde date was his little sister!

Our eyes met and Bryan walked over towards me. We made small talk and he asked me where was my ex. I told him that we were no longer together. He immediately asked if I was OK. Then he asked if it was too soon to get my number.

He called me that Monday. We talked practically every night. Eight months later we were engaged (in Napa). I guess our timing was finally right!

We were married June 2, 2007. Coming up on 7 years. We have two amazing boys. Landon is 4 and Riley is almost 2. And we are expecting a little girl in July.

I am so greatful for not only my educational experience at U of A but for my lifelong friendships I have made and for finding my better half there. 

- Elissa Blatt '99