Jodi and Jason

Jason and I met in class as well as had mutual friends. One day, outside the CBS building before class on Feb. 13, 1998, I ran into Jason and we talked about what we each were doing for Valentine's Day. He told me he wasn’t doing anything but he sent a girl a variety of flowers and told me he signed the card "From your secret admirer." "But she lives in California," he said.

So, we went on our way to class. The next day, I received a bouquet of flowers to my apartment that said "From your secret admirer." I couldn't believe how happy those flowers made me and how much I wanted them to be from Jason. Turns out, they weren’t from him, but it did bring us together and we later married and had two children.

Unfortunately, our marriage only lasted 'til death do us part when he passed away in 2007 but the kids and I still try to attend a football game every year in honor of their wonderful dad.

He now has a memorial scholarship in his name at the UA College of Pharmacy. (Pics taken 1999 and 2012.)

Jodi Gilray '01