Julie '63 and William '67

As a career Army officer, the Army sent me to the U of A to pursue a MS in Systems Engineering. The course work required me to write many lab reports. This posed a problem for me since I quite typing in high school so I spent many late night hours pecking out the reports. One day I noticed this lady who worked in the Systems Engineering Department typing away on an electric typewriter (no word processing equipment in 1965) with astonishing speed. I rapidly came to the conclusion that this was someone I had to meet. Additionally I was taking computer programming courses that required programming in FORTRAN and then submitting the program into the computer room to have it run. The problem was that all engineering students had to submit their programs and the process was SLOW.

Imagine my surprise when I learned the lady typist also worked in the computer lab!

Bottom line - I introduced myself to the lady typist/lab operator. My lab reports got typed and my programs got priority in the lab and best of all, we married later that year. So I left the U of A with a degree, a wife and a daughter. Not what I expected when I got my Army orders sending me to Arizona. 

- William Harnagel '67