Kaitlin '10 '13 and Sean '12

Sean and I met the first week of class our freshman year in a lecture of over 500 students. We officially started dating a few weeks later and have been dating for about six years. We got engaged during a hike to a gorgeous waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii and will be getting married September 2014.

For our first anniversary, I had each of us write out our side of the story about how we met.

Here is my side (Kaitlin):

Sean and I met at the first main lecture class for Engineering 102 our first year at the U of A. This class met once a week on Fridays with over 500 students in a small auditorium. During that first class, I sat down to one side in a big empty space. After a few minutes Sean and his friend Nick came and asked if they could sit by me. I had no problem with it and made room for them to get by me.

This lecture class turned out to be one of the most boring classes and proved to be a good place to talk and get to know people. During that lecture Sean and I talked and joked around. One thing that really stuck out in my mind was how funny Sean was. At the end of class we got up and started walking out together while we were talking. Once we got out of the building I saw one of my other friends and started talking to him. When I turned around I noticed that Sean was not there anymore. I felt bad because I didn’t even say bye.

The next Friday as I got to the lecture hall, I coincidentally walk in right behind Sean and his friend. Out of the more than 500 students in the class I couldn’t believe I got there at the same exact time as he did. He sat down in the same general area that we sat the week before. Being shy, I didn’t feel bold enough to go and sit right next to him. So instead, I walked in and started to sit a few rows ahead of where Sean was sitting. He didn’t notice me until I started to sit down. He said hello and then in a ploy to get me to sit with him he jokingly asked if I was too good to sit with them now. His strategy worked and I told him I guessed that I could. That day during lecture we talked mainly by writing notes back and forth. Of the many things we talked about the one that sticks out in my mind was talking about a TV show, "The Office." He was appalled that I had never seen it. At the end of class he wrote his number down on the paper we were using for notes and said if I ever wanted to live and watch "The Office" to give him a call. When I left class that day I realized I didn’t remember his name. I felt so bad and was very embarrassed. So I entered his number in my phone ENGR102, so I would know who it was.

That weekend I went home and it wasn’t until the ride back to Tucson that I decided to text Sean. I still was embarrassed that I didn’t even remember his name. When I texted him he asked who it was so I said “it’s Kaitlin, who is this?” He responded and said that his name was Sean and for some reason I thought he might have been playing a trick on me and that wasn’t really his name. So I put it into my phone as ENGR102-Sean. Anyway, we texted for quite a while and he still made me laugh and smile even through texts. While we were texting he asked what I was doing the next weekend. At the time I was pledging for my fraternity and I was going to be camping all of that weekend, so I told him that I was busy the whole weekend. I didn’t want him to think that I was just blowing him off so I asked if he wanted to get lunch sometime during that next week, and he agreed.

During lunch that week I noticed that I couldn’t help but smile when I was around him. He was very easy to talk to and during that lunch he was incredibly talkative, which was okay with me since I was still a little shy. During lunch he invited me over to his apartment sometime with the promise of dinner and "The Office."

I went to his house and he made me dinner, we watched "The Office," and talked for quite a while. I had so much fun and felt like we had so much in common. So he invited me over again sometime that weekend. When I came over I had a lot of fun again, I already felt so comfortable around him. The rest of the weekend I had butterflies in my stomach because I knew that I really liked him.

At school the next week we saw each other and Sean asked me what we were now (in reference to our relationship) and I told him I was wondering the same thing. Nothing concrete was really said about it and I wasn’t sure if we were officially dating. I thought we might be but I had never had a boyfriend before and I didn’t want to assume anything. So that day I met Sean for lunch and we were talking and he mentioned something about me being his girlfriend and that was the point when I knew for sure that we were dating.

- Kaitlin Poe '10 '13

Here is Sean's side:

I walked in to lecture for the first time with Nick. As neither of us knew where to sit we both wandered aimlessly through the aisles, until I saw a pretty girl I felt like sitting next to. After class, I continued talking to the pretty girl until she ran into a friend of hers and then ignored me. My pride may have hurt a little, but I got over it.

The following week was somewhat the same, Nick and I walked in and had no idea where to sit. After finding a place that looked ok, I turned around to find the pretty girl walking past. She glanced over and, with a half-wave, muttered “Hey.”

This did not look too promising.

Arching an eyebrow and gaining a mocking expression, I asked “What, are you too good to sit with us?”

To my continued amazement, she turned around and came back to my aisle.

The following hour was filled with us discussing our childhood, making fun of our class, telling jokes, and talking about TV shows.

When I found out she had never watched “The Office,” I was shocked. I told her she was missing something extremely important, and invited her over sometime to catch up.

Handing her a slip of paper with my phone number on it, I told her “call me if you want to fill the void, I will watch 'The Office' anytime.”

Little did I know, she did not even know my name.

After a few days, she finally text messaged me, still without knowing my name. As much of our conversation to that point revolved around Yuma, I continued to harass her about her home town.

We met up again in our weekly lecture that week, and near the end I made another bold move, I asked her out on a date to watch "The Office." Initially, she rejected me, saying she had plans already. After crushing my pride, she asked if lunch sounded good the following week.

Though I was wary of a day date putting me in the dreaded “friend zone,” I took my chances. We had a great lunch, and she agreed to come over for dinner that evening to watch "The Office." The night was very fun, but had to end relatively early as we had school the following day.

On Saturday, she informed me that her plans had changed, and she wanted to come watch more of "The Office." Again, we had a great dinner, and the night was full of conversation.

After that night, I was not sure where we had left off. Were we dating? Were we just friends? By chance I ran into her outside one of my classes, and asked what our relationship status was.

Somehow, I left that conversation thinking we were dating. She left still unsure what was going on between us. Later, she apparently found out that we were dating when I introduced her to a friend of mine as “My girlfriend, Kaitlin.”

- Sean Orsburn '12