Kelli '04 and Nick '04

In the fall 2003, I had an undergraduate Constitutional Law class that I regularly organized study groups for and had everyone meet in the Computer Center under the Mall. The final study session before the final, Kelli appeared for the group discussion, and when I made a funny remark, she burst out with laughter, and that is when we caught each other's attention.

The following semester, my final as a senior, and as fate would have it, we happened to have not one but two classes together with the same amazing Professor Soren. One was a film and art history class and the other was Etruscan studies.

Between the two classes, we began spending much more time together, studying, having lunch at the Union after class, and when I got enough courage built up to ask, we began dating.

We got married in July 2005 and went to Ireland on our honeymoon. It has been nearly 10 years, happily married, two kids (a daughter and a son), and very fond memories of the place where we were educated and I met my better half!

I am a Wildcat for life, and will always be thankful for my hometown's school: the wonderful University of Arizona. Bear Down! 

- Nick Lehrling '04