Lauren '14 and Ryan '11

My now-boyfriend was my younger brother's football coach at a local high school. I met him once at the high school he was coaching at, and got his email from the parent email list because I was interested in him. I was taking a class that involved website design and, even though I didn't need help, I asked him for tutoring because my brother said that he was good with computers. We met at the library and he helped me with my website for a few hours and then we walked around campus and shared stories about our U of A experiences.

Our first official date was on Sept. 7 when we went to dinner and then walked around campus at night where I admitted to him I wasn't going to use the website he helped me with and that I already had designed and completed the project. He laughed and enjoyed my creation of a reason to get to know him, and I am still thankful to the professor who assigned that project for providing me with such a great opportunity to get to know the love of my life. :) 

Lauren Pierce '14