Marie '85 '01 and Jim '81 '85

We met in grad school (Exercise & Sport Sciences) in 1983. We were running buddies throughout grad school; a number of us would run the Saguaro East loop road during the full moon.

When Marie entered med school, running was put on hold for awhile, so we would get together for dinner and a movie every couple of months.

In fact, before one movie, she explained to me why we would never date! Anyhow, on July 14,1988, we went to dinner at Char Thai on 5th St and then saw "Bull Durham." As we were walking to my truck afterwards, I put my hand on her back to guide her around a puddle. She put her hand around my waist, and something happened!

This coming October we will celebrate our 25th anniversary by backpacking the Grand Canyon, which is where we spent our honeymoon.

- Jim Haggart '81 '85