Neika Nowamooz '07 and Mark Saville '06

Our story starts as one of two lives often nearly intersecting, running in parallel, until finally all elements seemed to have aligned for us to meet – the logistics and odds of it all still truly amazes me.

Neika is the daughter of parents who came from Iran to America to expand their horizons with a world class education. Ultimately, time and history would see them settle permanently in the United States and eventually move to Orange County, California, where she grew up. My family and I also moved to the United States from England where our new life would begin, first in Tucson, Arizona and then to Southern California, where unbeknownst to me, my future wife was attending school just down the street. 

Still not knowing each other, we both chose to attend the University of Arizona – where we pursued our passions for better understanding the world around us; its people, cultures, history and language. Little did we know that we were passing in the halls daily, studying in the same coffee shops and on occasion, attending the same social events. 

It wasn't until both of us graduated, and had ventured off to explore the world and careers independently, that eventually and in a strange twist of fate we would finally arrive at one another. It was our first homecoming back to our Alma Mater when Neika walked into a friends home I was at with a mutual friend. I immediately fell in love with her smile and her unabashed laugh and it was undeniable to both of us just how much we had in common – the weekend was one we will never forget.

We knew our lives would never be the same again after that week, but Neika already had plans to move to Shanghai to teach abroad and left the next week. We stayed in contact everyday however; writing notes of admiration and waiting until the late hours of the night for a phone call while the other prepared for the day ahead. This year of time and space, though difficult, solidified our love and saw us through our life's adventures in the years to come. 

Neika and I would eventually explore the world together, moving to Vietnam and visiting some of the most ancient wonders of the world. It was this passion for exploration, together, that has become a metaphor for our lives together and our lives ahead. From countries to the countryside (with our cairn terrier Duncan by our side!) we have been hand in hand and in step with one another, knowing that with the other, anything is possible. We look forward to future adventures ahead as husband and wife and to celebrating our union amongst our closest family and friends!