Nick '10 '12 and Rebecca '12

I met Nick while we were both graduate students in the School of Government and Public Policy. Nick formally asked me out after a finals study group session. A year and a half later, Nick sent me on a scavenger hunt across campus which included all our favorite memorable spots on campus. Nick had surprised me with romantic gestures before, so I didn't think much of it. The scavenger hunt took me to the Starbucks in the bookstore where we had our first unofficial date, the football stadium where we cheered on the wildcats,  and a bench on the mall where we shared our goals and dreams for the future. The hunt ended at Old Main when Nick proposed to me in front of the fountain. We decided to take our engagement photos and wedding photos in the same spot. We got married in he same church Nick's parent's were married in, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church across the street from the University. We had a lovely reception downtown on New Year's Day.  We are so happy to have so many memories in front of Old Main and I am sure there will be more to come!

Rebecca Perrera '12 and  Nick Perrera '10 '12