• Andrew and I met our freshman year at UA. We were science partners in a NATS 101 class. We fell in love studying about the environment and several other classes we took together. Since UA we moved to NYC for graduate school. We've been together for over six years and are getting married (in Zona... more

  • Rigel and I met in 2005 while working on the Phoenix Mars Mission that was being run at the UA. We both grew up on the east side of Tucson and were both undergraduates in Optical Sciences. However, it took a Mars mission for us to meet and become friends. 

  • In 1968 I was teaching Shotokan Karate for the U of A Karate Club and we were in the old women's gym when this beautiful young girl approached me during a break and asked if women could join. I turned, looked her in he eyes and fell hopelessly in love.

  • I was first "introduced" to my future wife at a UA men's basketball game sometime in the spring semester of 1992. 

  • As a career Army officer, the Army sent me to the U of A to pursue a MS in Systems Engineering. The course work required me to write many lab reports. This posed a problem for me since I quite typing in high school so I spent many late night hours pecking out the reports.

  • It was the second day of my freshman year of college when I met Jari. It was the first day of a Tuesday/Thursday course in a gen ed psychology course with Mrs. Delaney. Jari sat one seat away from me and he saw my screensaver of my then boyfriend and I. He knew him from playing hockey as kids in... more

  • Sean and I met the first week of class our freshman year in a lecture of over 500 students. We officially started dating a few weeks later and have been dating for about six years. We got engaged during a hike to a gorgeous waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii and will be getting married September 2014.... more

  • We met in grad school (Exercise & Sport Sciences) in 1983. We were running buddies throughout grad school; a number of us would run the Saguaro East loop road during the full moon.

    When Marie entered med school, running was put on hold for awhile, so we would get together for dinner... more

  • In the fall 2003, I had an undergraduate Constitutional Law class that I regularly organized study groups for and had everyone meet in the Computer Center under the Mall.

  • I met my fiance, Nathan Haskins, a long time ago, when I was still in elementary school. 

    When it finally came time for our lives to bring us together again, I decided we had to have our engagement pictures done at Old Main.