• Charles and I met our senior year at U of A. He worked afternoons at the Arizona State Museum on campus and I worked evenings at a tutoring center in the ILC, so when it came to dates we would meet up at Frog and Firkin for lunch, so delicious and oh so romantic! That's where it all began. 

  • My name is Aelynn Durham and my husband Eric and I dated while attending the UA. We both come from a long line of Wildcats (my grandmother was a UA student in the '30s, and both my parents and my husband's parents are also Wildcats).

  • Jason and I met in class as well as had mutual friends. One day, outside the CBS building before class on Feb. 13, 1998, I ran into Jason and we talked about what we each were doing for Valentine's Day.

  • I met Nick while we were both graduate students in the School of Government and Public Policy. Nick formally asked me out after a finals study group session. A year and a half later, Nick sent me on a scavenger hunt across campus which included all our favorite memorable spots on campus.

  • Either he was a stalker or interested in meeting me as he was in the Reference Dept. of the Library almost daily during April 1982. I broke the ice and asked if my book cart was in his way. (Of course, I knew it wasn’t!) He said, “No!”

  • I fell in love with Jennie during my last year at Eller College of Management while I was a student employee at the University. Although, we did not meet at the University of Arizona, we share a passion for the University.

  • Every anniversary, I always pause and thank Residence Life for finding my husband for me. We lived next door to each other in Kaibab Huachuca on the 4th floor. We have been together for 9 years and celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary in October.

    Jessica Wertz Abbott, 2007 

  • It was January 2003, and my girlfriends and I had made our weekly pilgrimage to O’Malley’s on 4th to dance the night away with our favorite ’80s cover band, the Mockingbirds. Once on the dance floor, I immediately noticed that the band had a new (and very cute) bassist.

  • My husband Andy and I met in the fall semester of our senior year at Arizona and instantly knew we liked each other. Unlike many other love stories, ours started off a bit rocky and we didn’t become official until December of 2010.

  • It was second semester freshman year and I was scrambling to find a new date to my upcoming Sigma Kappa date dash. Instead of asking one of my good guy friends I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and ask the cute guy that recently caught my eye in Beta Theta Pi.