Rachel '09 and Kiel '09

Kiel and I met in 2005 during the first month of our freshman years. We both lived in Yavapai, an Honors Hall. Kiel was a Canadian boy from Moscow, Idaho, and I was an American girl from Litchfield Park, Ariz.

We fell in love with each other and with our beautiful red-brick campus. At the end of junior year in 2008, Kiel proposed during a post-finals picnic outside of the Union on Heritage Hill, and I said "yes!"

We were thrilled to get married at Old Main on March 21, 2009 surrounded by friends and family from as far away as Tokyo, Japan. It was spring break of our senior year. We graduated that May, and five years later, we are living in downtown San Francisco, where Kiel is finishing his PhD in Physics at Stanford University, and I am working at Inkling, a growing tech company in digital publishing.

After more than eight years together, we still love each other and the UofA with all of our hearts!

- Rachel Howe '09