Trevin '12 and Courtney '11

Trevin and Courtney have known each other since freshman year. Trevin played football while Courtney did high jump for Track & Field.

They saw one another as a crush until junior year when they had a Business Writing course together. Starting on the first day of class, they knew it would be a great semester. A week into the course, Courtney headed out of class and forgot her jacket. Trevin then starting sprinting to her. This day started the conversations.

The walk from class to the McKale Canter was 15-20 minutes, so this gave the two time to get to know one another. Sports connected the two from the start but sharing the same faith in Jesus Christ brought them closer.

Courtney loves having a Wildcat husband graduating in Economics and playing in the National Football League. Trevin loves his Track & Field high jumping Wildcat bride who graduated in English and is now teaching. This is our Wildcat story and we want to say Bear Down! 

Trevin Wade '12 and Courtney Hayes Wade '11