• Brian and Jenny met at a party on Halloween in 2008. Brian was studying journalism and Jenny was in the nursing program.

    They graduated in 2010. They got married in 2013 and now live in San Diego. 

  • Five years ago, a boy decided to continuously attend a class at McClelland Park that he wasn't registered for, because it had filled up prior to his registration time. 

  • Lui and I met while working at the University of Arizona Rec Center in the weight room. I was a sophomore and Lui was an "old" freshman; a retired Marine. 

  • My now-boyfriend was my younger brother's football coach at a local high school. I met him once at the high school he was coaching at, and got his email from the parent email list because I was interested in him.

  • Trevin and Courtney have known each other since freshman year. Trevin played football while Courtney did high jump for Track & Field.

  • Thanks to Luis' best friend, also named Luis (affectionately known as "Ito"), Jessie and Luis, nicknamed "Ote," met a a salsa dancing club, El Parador, in Tucson. Jessie asked Ito in Spanish class if he wanted to go salsa dancing since Jessie had just come back from studying abroad in Mexico and... more

  • Brad and I were both originally from Ohio. Our families had moved to Arizona a year apart (1964 and 1965). We grew up on opposite sides of Tucson, attending rival high schools, and didn't meet until my freshman/his sophomore year at U of A. 

  • When Roque Luna, born in NYC, finished his tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force, he went to Italy on vacation. It was there he met a young woman from Catania, Sicily, named Gabriella Albanese and, for both, it was love at first sight.

  • My fiance and I just recently did our engagement photos at the University of Arizona Farm on Roger and Campbell. Jordan is an agriculture education major and now teaches at Mesquite High School. I was an animal science major and now work for the Arizona Beef Council.  

  • When we began dating, I would wait outside Old Main for her and we'd meet at the fountain. I knew I was going to marry this beautiful young lady when I was willing to take a woman's studies class with her even though I didn't need the elective. We've been together for 26 years, married for 21... more