Spirit of Wonder in Alumni: Paulina ’16 ’18 and Fernanda Bueno ’16 ’18

Fall 2023
Photo of alumnas Paulina and Fernanda Bueno

Paulina and Fernanda Bueno

Photo provided by the Bueno twins

PAULINA ’16 ’18 AND FERNANDA BUENO ’16 ’18 have been in lockstep, as twins sometimes are, in pursuing educational and career dreams. They both studied psychology as undergraduates and carved paths toward careers in speech, language and hearing sciences. But something shifted when they dipped their toes into marketing at the Eller College of Management. They fell in love with the field. And today they work for two of the biggest media and entertainment companies in the world.

Fernanda is a product marketing manager at NBC Universal’s Peacock, and and Paulina is part of the creative marketing partnerships team at Walt Disney Studios.

They both credit internships and networking for part of their early career success.

“Internships gave us a lot of experience,” Paulina says. “We took a trip to LA to visit multiple studios and had chats with alumni who were at notable media and entertainment companies and agencies.”

Fernanda says, “It’s all about putting yourself out there and networking, especially if you want to break into a business that you haven’t tapped into.”

Paulina found success after meeting a recruiter during her Academy Gold internship. This networking opportunity helped Paulina jump start her professional career at the Walt Disney Company. 

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