Email Forwarding

CatMail Information

Arizona Alumni has partnered with the university's information technology office (UITS) to offer access to CatMail. Through CatMail, users will have access to an address as well as the ability to sign up for email forwarding.

Sign up for CatMail 

  • Graduates in Classes 2009-present
    Graduates between 2009-present have a NetID. Use your NetID to log in to If you need to recover your NetID and password, contact 24/7 IT Support.
  • Graduates in Classes 1988-2008
    Graduates between 1988-2008 do not have a NetID. To start using CatMail, you need to create a NetID and password. For assistance contact, 24/7 IT Support.
  • Graduates in Classes 1987 and Before
    Due to technology differences, graduates in classes 1987 and before are not a part of the current UAccess system for student record keeping and CatMail access. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact 24/7 IT Support.