Arizona Alumni Travel

Arizona Alumni Travel

Wildcats are great adventurers and welcome the opportunity to explore the world together.

Welcome to a World of Endless Possibilities

We have worked with select travel providers to offer our Arizona alumni, family and friends  the ability to book as independent passengers on all travel offerings through the tour operators listed below, allowing the Arizona Alumni Travel program to continue to support the overall mission of the University of Arizona.

Pick any trip offered by the partners listed below and let them know you are an Arizona Alumni traveler. 

AHI Travel

At AHI Travel, they have the resources and connections to immerse curious travelers into the native culture. With over 60 years of experience, their team has an impressive breadth of knowledge that will delight you as it deepens your appreciation for the region. From your reservation to your return home, they are there to ensure you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Odysseys Unlimited

Small group travel is all that Odysseys Unlimited does — just 12 to 24 guests on their custom-designed tours. They design and operate tours specifically for small groups, rather than adapt a conventional tour to take fewer guests. They work closely with airline, hotel, and other travel partners to secure the lowest rates possible.

Orbridge Destination Specialists

Enjoy the ultimate educational travel experience — including expert guides and lecturers, personalized activities and excursions, and dedicated service from beginning to end.

Sports Entertainment Travel

Sports and Entertainment Travel (SET) is the industry’s leading full-service travel and tour management company dedicated to offering the best in fan travel experiences. 

Special Travel Opportunity: 2024 Solar Eclipse

Photo of a solar eclipse

Nothing is more awesome than a total solar eclipse. On April 8, 2024, the sun will disappear and be replaced by pink flames and silver streams that stretch across the sky. The sky will darken and people in the correct location will see an unearthly silver and pink glow as silver streamers of the sun’s corona stretch across the sky. The trip will be in the beautiful Lake District of Austin, Texas.


Special Travel Opportunity: From Bahia to Buenos Aires

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at sunset

Join Alain-Philippe Durand, Dorrance Dean of the College of Humanities, and Melissa A. Fitch, University Distinguished Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies, as they take you on an unusual trip exclusively designed for the University of Arizona that delves into the dance, literature, nature, urban art, cuisine, and the cultural significance of the “beautiful game” in South America’s two largest countries, Argentina and Brazil.


Travel Insurance

Purchasing a travel protection insurance plan is an important precaution to cover you, your family and your investment should an unforeseen incident occur.

We highly recommend that you protect yourself and your investment in the event of an unforeseeable event.

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