2024 Solar Eclipse

Photo of a solar eclipse


April 6 – 9, 2024


Austin, Texas

About This Trip

Nothing is more awesome than a total solar eclipse. If you see one, you remember it your whole life. On April 8, 2024 the sun will disappear and be replaced by pink flames and silver streams that stretch across the sky. It is impossible to explain how moving a total eclipse is to someone who hasn’t seen it. The sky will darken and people in the correct location will see an unearthly silver and pink glow as silver streamers of the sun’s corona stretch across the sky. it does get cold and the landscape looks silvery and strange. This trip gives you the chance to experience this phenomenon. Please join us to witness the eclipse from the beautiful Lake District of Austin, Texas.   

Working with Dr. Doug Duncan and other universities to offer this special alumni trip
From approx. $2,295 pp/do
Plus airfare and taxes
Dates and prices are subject to change

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