Recent Alumni Advisory Council

The Recent Alumni Advisory Council is a group of active recent graduates who offer feedback on alumni programming and promote the social, professional, philanthropic and service interests of recent alumni. They are also serve as the voice of young alumni and help find meaningful avenues for recent graduates to connect with the University of Arizona and fellow Wildcats. 

Know someone who you believe would make a great addition to the council? Stay tuned for information on the next nomination round in 2024. 


Stacey Stringfellow, Chair  
Samir Madden, Past Chair  


Melanie Geiser*  
Lauren Lombardo*  
*PAE Staff Members  


Benett Adamson ’20 Samir Madden ’16, ’20
Matthew Bade ’19 Caitlin Moffett ’19, ’21
Chelsea Bruce ’17, ’22 Paige O’Rourke ’22
Brendan Duffy ’21 Amaka Okpara Oguadimma ’23
Grace Faeber ’20 Braeden Rowe ’22
Kimberly Guinac-Duarte ’19, ’23 Jastej Sra ’21
Gina Herrera ’22 Stacey Stringfellow ’21
Kris Kelley ’22 Genises Yin Vargas ’19, ’22
Santiago Lopez ’21