From Bahia to Buenos Aires: An Unconventional Journey to South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at sunset


January 8-20, 2024


From Bahia to Buenos Aires

About This Trip

Join Alain-Philippe Durand, Dorrance Dean of the College of Humanities, and Melissa A. Fitch, University Distinguished Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies, as they take you on an unusual trip exclusively designed for the University of Arizona that delves into the dance, literature, nature, urban art, cuisine, and the cultural significance of the “beautiful game” in South America’s two largest countries, Argentina and Brazil.

Durand and Fitch, both experts with a history of research and travel in the region that spans decades, invite you to have a multisensory experience of cultural immersion in each nation. Start in Salvador da Bahia, the cultural heartland of Brazil where African, Portuguese, and Indian cultures converged and spawned Brazil’s unique and diverse identity. Continue to Rio de Janeiro, the birthplace of samba and bossa nova, and discover why Rio is considered one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the world. The mid-point of the adventure will be where two countries literally meet, at the spectacular Iguazu Falls, a natural wonder so astonishing that Eleanor Roosevelt, upon seeing it, once said it made Niagara Falls look like a “water faucet.” Next, fly to the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires and spend an unforgettable three days exploring the city’s sophisticated European style neighborhoods and learning about its exciting contemporary art scene and tango/milonga culture. Don’t miss this thoroughly unique adventure in which fellow College of Humanities supporters will encounter South American dancers and divas, literary royalty, street artists, and award-winning musicians as they experience the region. 

Working with Dr. Alan-Philippe Durand and Dr. Melissa A. Fitch to offer this special alumni trip
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