Wildcat For Life Tailgate Showcase

When: Saturday, Oct. 29, 2022
Event time: 11 a.m.

Take advantage of these opportunities to showcase your college or unit during Homecoming festivities! Showcase your dean, your faculty and even your students with the following options:

  1. Stage time 
  2. Tent space on the Mall — a fenced section where you can pay for a tent to host alumni and donors (formerly referred to as “College Village”) 

Stage Time — Showcase your college/unit/group/area on the Big Stage!

What you get:

  • Large stage located in the Wildcat for Life Tailgate area in the east end of ILC.
  • Live performances on the main stage will be live-streamed to a large screen in the general audience section of the tailgate.

Details for each stage time slot:

  • Offering 10-minute time slots, within the 3-hour time frame (one hour after tailgate opens until one hour before kickoff).
  • Unit will be provided with stage dimensions.
  • Unit will have a stage check-in area. Must arrive 10 minutes before your time slot or forfeit your time slot (time will be filled by Central).
  • Performers will be required to submit a video or perform a live audition prior to approval.

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Tent Space on the Mall

The Arizona Homecoming Tents on the Mall is a unique opportunity for alumni, students, staff, and faculty to come together to celebrate the past, present and future of the University of Arizona. 

Important Deadlines
  • Tent reservation deadline: Friday, Sept. 16
  • Tent and accessory payment due by Friday, Oct. 7
  • Final packets for tent space on the Mall will be emailed to all participants after Friday, Oct. 21.

We appreciate the support of the many organizations that have and continue to participate in Homecoming activities and enthusiastically encourage new organizations to get involved. Homecoming weekend is a time to gather together, host alumni and members, and showcase what we are up to at the university.

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